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It’s a Shame the Basics aren’t more Exciting

Are you the kind of person who likes to get to the exciting bits quickly?  I don’t mean fast forwarding a DVD or leaping ahead in a book to see what is coming up (or perhaps you like that too), I mean do you get bored doing the basics.  Of anything.  Whether you are learning […]

How Many Hats?

My fabulous and usually tolerant wife Mary has declared ‘no more hats’.  She is referring to my proclivity to wearing, and therefore acquiring, hats. I just love hats.  I believe it is time men reclaimed the hat as a personal statement of masculine fashion.  I am talking about proper hats – trilbies, fedoras, snappy brims, […]

Is Your Business Stable?

One of my sons, Jon, is completing a bachelor degree in circus.  True.  Swinburne University in Melbourne houses the National Institute of Circus Arts in a fabulous modern training facility.  How fabulous to be able to gain a degree in a performing art as esoteric as Circus.   Modern circus is full of spectacular physical stunts, acts, […]

How Passive is Passive?

Passive shouder movement is a common early rehab option for patients who have undergone recent rotator cuff repair surgery.  This treatment is to maintain joint mobility while avoiding active loading of the repaired tendon.  However recent research suggests passive may not be as passive as we thought.  In research published by Uhl, Muir and Lawson (2010) they […]

Survival of the Best Fit

Charles Darwin is often misquoted as saying evolution is the survival of the fittest.  Not quite true.  He actually said ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’  In other words, the creatures most suited to the current environment will be advantaged […]

Easing the Pain of Selling

One of the most difficult concepts for health and fitness professionals is to consider themselves as ‘sales people’.  Their training and predisposition to help people achieve recovery, health or new goals is an overwhelming drive.  Selling is completely underwhelming and often seems at odds with the notion of ‘helping people’.  After struggling with this conflict […]

Seven Deadly Sins

While in London recently, I was asked to make a business presentation to a group of private practice physiotherapists who are part of the Physio First network.  I was happy to share with them, as I believe the stronger our profession becomes in business the better it will be for clients, employees and owners. This […]

Frozen Shoulder – Sick not Injured

 When I graduated I knew everything about treating every condition.  I was on fire!  Three days into my new career I had crisis of confidence – not only did I not know everything, I pretty much knew 10% of very little.  And this was in the days when there wasn’t much to actually know! One thing I […]

The Conquest of Space

Have you ever had trouble getting started on a project?  A project that you really want to do, one that gets you excited whenever you talk about it at a Chamber meeting or out to dinner with real friends, a project that pushes all your buttons: but you just can’t get it started.  This is […]

Protected: Business Building Slide Presentation

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