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Strategy – more than a plan

Most small to moderate sized businesses have a plan, but few have a definable strategy. Which is somewhat like having a map without a destination in mind. Developing a strategy provides an over arching framework against which all business decisions, actions, culture, HR, marketing and client service is projected.

Strategic Learning – Do You Have a PD Plan?

I recall in my early days of practicing, I pretty much did every PD course available. Which was not difficult and probably only took three or four weekends per year. My how times have changed, you could fill every weekend now if you set your mind to it. We are spoiled for choice with a [...]

Value In Practice – new workshop for health professionals

Your business is based on value. The giving of value to clients, referrers and other stakeholders, and the receiving of fair value in return. Value In Practice is a three hour workshop looking at three aspects of Value In Practice, they are: Valuing your service and putting an appropriate price on it.  What do you [...]

Scapula Workshop – Sydney on Feb 27th

FREE EVENT….Thursday Feb 27 from 7.00pm at Balmain Sports Medicine in Sydney.  James Sutherland is hosting this event and providing refreshments. Should be a great night looking at testing and rehab for scapula control issues in clients.  This event is for physiotherapists and you must register beforehand, either at office@balmainsportsmed.com.au or by phoning 98181004. Seriously [...]

Just Finishing My New Book….

Over the holiday break I finally responded to the many requests I have received to write about my program when working with blokes who have undergone prostate surgery. I have now completed the first draft and started the re-write and edit process. At around 50 A5 pages it is a very accessible and readable book [...]

Beyond The Pain – Lumbar Spine Strength and Control

Following my presentation in Dubai on May 20 there were many requests for access to the slides and other test norms.  So I am making the material available for only one week for those who attended and have the password for access.  You will receive the password from the conference organisers along with your CME certification. [...]

Continence after Radical Prostatectomy

I read an article today in the Journal of Neurourology and Urodynamics that appears to be a realistic counterpoint to the optimistic predictions from urologists and medical practitioners regarding the likelihood of a bloke being incontinent after a radical prostatectomy. Many of my clients tell me the advice they received gave them a 10-20 percent [...]

How Passive is Passive?

Passive shouder movement is a common early rehab option for patients who have undergone recent rotator cuff repair surgery.  This treatment is to maintain joint mobility while avoiding active loading of the repaired tendon.  However recent research suggests passive may not be as passive as we thought.  In research published by Uhl, Muir and Lawson (2010) they [...]

Easing the Pain of Selling

One of the most difficult concepts for health and fitness professionals is to consider themselves as ‘sales people’.  Their training and predisposition to help people achieve recovery, health or new goals is an overwhelming drive.  Selling is completely underwhelming and often seems at odds with the notion of ‘helping people’.  After struggling with this conflict [...]

Frozen Shoulder – Sick not Injured

 When I graduated I knew everything about treating every condition.  I was on fire!  Three days into my new career I had crisis of confidence – not only did I not know everything, I pretty much knew 10% of very little.  And this was in the days when there wasn’t much to actually know! One thing I [...]