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Men’s Health Tip – Strong Posture

The only cost of improved posture is effort. The effort of working against gravity which continually drags you down into a lazy slouch. A slouch that can reduce your income, impair your health and change how people regard you. Strong posture is a tall but relaxed stance or seated position where your sternum (top of [...]

Updated Dental Care – apologies to my children

Like most of us I was taught (and taught my kids) to brush their teeth after meals, at least twice per day. Apparently modern dental science has updated the optimal care and it is no longer necessary and possibly harmful to brush your teeth straight after eating. Here are new guidelines: Don’t brush your teeth [...]

A Fast Way to Manage Body Weight, Hunger and Energy

This plan has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. In fact it is probably the way our evolutionary ancestors were obliged to eat and perhaps our DNA is molded toward it. More recently it has received some mainstream publicity on TV and in the press under different guises: it is Intermittent Fasting. [...]

Bedroom TV & Body Weight Gain

A recent study suggests having a TV in a child’s bedroom significantly increases their likelihood of weight gain in the subsequent four years. Perhaps setting them up for a lifetime of battling excess weight. The study published in JAMA Pediatrics confirmed previous studies linking a bedroom TV to increased risk of being overweight. Read the [...]

She Changed My Life

Who would have thought such a trivial, throw-away line could make such a difference. My whole approach to dental self-management was transformed in an instant from a chore to, well, just doing it. I knew deep down that flossing my teeth was a valuable health routine* but just couldn’t get into the habit of doing [...]

Prostate Recovery book is done!!

After many years of men asking me where they could get the information we talk about in the clinic I can now tell them – ‘In My Book!’ Available as an E-book at the moment, it is downloadable from the publishers store (click here) for only $9.95 which includes active links to videos of me [...]

Drink, Chew, Breathe

Experiencing gastric reflux or pain is very unpleasant and can be a health risk over time. Changes occur to the lower end of the oesophagus as stomach acid provokes changes in the lining of the lower gullet (Barrett’s Oesophagus). Having experienced this I gave some thought as to how I could manage it without the [...]

Just Finishing My New Book….

Over the holiday break I finally responded to the many requests I have received to write about my program when working with blokes who have undergone prostate surgery. I have now completed the first draft and started the re-write and edit process. At around 50 A5 pages it is a very accessible and readable book [...]

Don’t Get Stressed About Dying Younger

Despite western men getting more physical activity (on average) than women, we still manage to die 5 to 10 years younger.  So obviously exercise alone isn’t the answer to a longer life. Other research shows the fitter you are in your mid life (using aerobic fitness factors) the lower your risk of developing degenerative diseases [...]

Healthy is the new Safety

While giving a presentation last week as part of National Men’s Health Week, it occurred to me there were parallels between safety culture in the workplace and the strategies of healthful living. I wonder if my men’s health education work would be more ‘sticky’ if I pursued this line of thought by helping men to [...]