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Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: is it for you?

The decision facing many blokes upon diagnosis of prostate cancer is difficult. Should you opt for surgery, some other treatment or simply monitor the numbers and hope it stays stable or slow growing. The research reported below may help you in your decision. At least it gives you some background when discussing your best options [...]

Rebuilding Genetic Health following Prostate Cancer

In a small but important study researchers in the USA have found measurable improvements in a health related tag on the end of chromosomes in response to lifestyle and nutrition discipline amongst men who have biopsy diagnosed prostate cancer. Here is a summary from Medscape (Sept 20, 2013) A comprehensive lifestyle intervention might help prostate [...]

Prostate Recovery book is done!!

After many years of men asking me where they could get the information we talk about in the clinic I can now tell them – ‘In My Book!’ Available as an E-book at the moment, it is downloadable from the publishers store (click here) for only $9.95 which includes active links to videos of me [...]

It Has Another Purpose

A man’s penis is a marvellous bit of gear: it is an indicator of health problems long before the symptoms may become apparent. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study showed poor quality erections were a significant predictor of an adverse cardiovascular event during the next five years.  Meaning, a heart attack is more likely in men [...]

Just Finishing My New Book….

Over the holiday break I finally responded to the many requests I have received to write about my program when working with blokes who have undergone prostate surgery. I have now completed the first draft and started the re-write and edit process. At around 50 A5 pages it is a very accessible and readable book [...]

Continence after Radical Prostatectomy

I read an article today in the Journal of Neurourology and Urodynamics that appears to be a realistic counterpoint to the optimistic predictions from urologists and medical practitioners regarding the likelihood of a bloke being incontinent after a radical prostatectomy. Many of my clients tell me the advice they received gave them a 10-20 percent [...]

Diseases of Lifestyle – choosing to be sick

At a UN gathering of NGOs and Public Health Organizations a consensus ‘Statement of Concern’ has been released asking the United Nations (UN), to hold accountable those in the food and beverage industry “whose products and marketing contribute substantially to the development of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that kill 36 million people every year.” They are [...]

Moree Men Master Man Skills

Moree is a dynamic little town in the northern NSW, Australia famous for it’s hot mineral springs baths.  It is also a centre of excellence for growing various grains and some livestock.  Well Moree has another feature about which to boast: 40 of it’s male population are better educated in the man skills of health [...]