Men’s Health

Even high performance men are at risk of death.  In fact if you live long enough you will die.  Sadly it never seems long enough. And as my dear old Dad used to say whenever he had a dose of man flu, ‘You must be sick before you die’.  And he was. Very sick.

Fair enough, you have to die from something.  But not too early and not with too much mess or discomfort.  And preferably not with any pain or repeated bouts of surgery or nasty drug therapies.

Sustained health in the face of the daily stresses, obligations, temptations and competitions of life is not easy.  It demands effort, vigilance and strength of character: the exact strengths of high performance men.  All we have to do is avoid the problems of the Eight Dwarves by implementing a daily strategy of risk reduction and we delay the inevitable.  Not just to live longer, but to enjoy living longer.

Each of the seven dwarves, plus the lesser known eighth one, is actually a prime example of a men’s health issue.  For example, Grumpy isn’t grumpy – he is suffering from depression.  And Dopey has early onset dementia due to occupational exposure to fumes in the mines.  And, well that’s enough for now, but you get the idea.

After introducing the eight dwarves, I will share with you simple and workable ways to manage your risk of illness and possible early demise.  As always, the presentation will be tailored to match the interests, needs and sector of the audience.

And did I mention this presentation is hugely funny and great for large, mixed audiences.  No, not audiences made up of large people (although they probably need it), but perfect for a keynote or plenary session at a conference.

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