Men’s Health Online

The current viral pandemic has seen many of us locked down to protect the health of the community at large and to reduce the load on our health systems. And maybe even save our own lives.

Yet other health issues persist in the background. And you may have challenges accessing your usual face-to-face medical care. Here is an option to get you across the bridge until things return to normal.

I am now consulting online for men recovering from prostate cancer and the effects of treatment. My years of clinical experience, researching and writing, devising effective exercise programs for men and their pelvic floor muscles to improve continence and erectile function are now available to all men. Not just in Australia, but globally.

These one-on-consults are limited by my availability and other commitments.

These online consults are targeted for men who have prostate cancer and are

  • Awaiting surgery to remove their prostate and want to prepare their pelvic floor for recovery
  • Recovering from surgery to remove their prostate and are using pads for bladder leakage
  • Having urinary symptoms of frequency, urgency or dribbling (even without cancer or surgery)
  • Experiencing erectile dysfunction following treatment
  • Having post-treatment symptoms of pain, constipation, urinary frequency or urgency
  • Looking for safe and effective physical training programs to improve strength, power, posture, endurance and fitness
  • Looking for general health, nutrition and activity advice specific to prostate cancer recovery
  • Seeking reassurance that they are doing all they can to maximise their recovery and health

Most men will require one or two online consults to meet their immediate goals. Be aware that this is not a treatment or cure for your problem, it is a professional and expert consultation to educate and direct your rehabilitation specific to your current status. You will be asked to do some work, in fact all of the work and eventually some heavy lifting (without leaking).

To make an appointment with me for a video consultation online, simply,

  1. Select a service from the link below – first time clients are recommended to select the initial consultation
  2. From the Calendar page, select a day
  3. From the Diary, select an available appointment
  4. Register your details so the introductory paperwork and information can be forwarded before the appointment. 
  5. Note that payment must be made prior to the appointment. You will be advised how this can be done. Refunds are available if you cancel.
  • Fees are Australian dollars so your local currency will vary (lucky for UK, USA and Euro clients!).
  • Note, the diary times are Queensland Australia, you may need to calculate your local time. – click here to convert. Current time in Queensland is:

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