MAP Videos & Links

This page contains information and links to sites for readers of the Prostate Recovery MAP book.  Plus the links to the videos mentioned in the book.

Prostate Recovery MAP Video Files

Click on the title of the video you want to view. They are best viewed after or during the reading of the relevant book chapter. They are freely available but make a lot more sense if you have the book or ebook as well.

Anatomy & Palpation (8 min)
Level One (10 min)
Level Two (10 min)
Urge Control (2 min)
Level Five: Squat (2 min)
Turkish Get Up (3 min)

Recommended Books

Prostate Recovery MAP – Men’s Action Plan 3rd Ed. 2020. Allingham, C. Redsok, Buderim (purchase here)

Conquering Incontinence, 2004, Dornan, P. Allen & Unwin, Sydney
Facing the Tiger, 2013, Chambers, S.
Pelvic Pain – A manual therapy approach, 2015. Dornan P.


Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Healthy Male
National Cancer Institute (USA)
Beyond Blue for Men
Prostate Cancer UK
Prostate Cancer Foundation (USA)
Strong Men’s Business