Work Life Balance…..

I love motorcycle touring.  Today I met up with a bunch of like-minded mates and we took off for 300km around the hinterland of South Eastern Queensland, Australia. Stopping for ‘smoko’ and lunch gives us a chance to tell a few lies and laugh at a few stories.  Later this month I am combining motorcycling and work when I conduct my first workshop tour ‘on the road’.

Travelling south as far as Canberra, I will be delivering twelve “BizFizz’ workshops for private physiotherapists in rural New South Wales.  Four or five hours riding each day through some of the best motorcycling road in Oz, then after a walk, some exercises and a feed – four hours on the business of physiotherapy.  

Combining your passion with your work transforms the way you feel about your ‘job”.  Sometimes the links are obvious, sometimes it takes a little more innovative thinking.  See how you go.