Your Own Girth Control Project

This is the most simple program ever. You need only one piece of equipment – a tape measure. Not a builders metal version, a cloth or plastic dress-makers version. Or steal a paper one from Ikea. The original version of this project was done with a group mentality, a team of men trying to cumulatively lose enough girth to meet the target. Some may contribute a lot (and need to) others may contribute a little. No matter – if the team achieves the target they are all winners. Those with metabolic disorders (diabetes, kidney disease, etc) should seek clearance from their GP before messing with their diet.


Do NOT weigh the subjects. This project has nothing to do with what you or they weigh. I don’t care, as long as less of it is visceral fat. No weighing before or during the project duration (4 months), however you can weigh-in after completion just out of curiosity.

Measure abdominal girth
  • Best done by another person
  • Measure at level of umbilicus (belly button) keeping the tape horizontal all the way around and measure directly against the skin
  • The subject must be standing upright (thinking tall) and not looking down to see the number
  • The tape tension is firm with contact all the way around, but no ‘guttering’ or ‘grooving’ into the flesh
  • Measure to the nearest half centimetre or half inch. Measure twice and average the score
  • Record this figure.
Educate the Subjects
  • Risk of too much abdominal fat to their health prospects (bowel cancer, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, arthritic knees, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnoea)
  • Why 94cm is the threshold between healthy range and increasing risk of these illnesses (because the medical science shows this)
  • Strategies to moderate his food and beverage intake to reset his metabolic furnace to burn more fat (click here)
  • How long to persist with the program (four months) for all participants
  • Explain that they are not ‘big boned’ – their girth is fat, organs, blood vessels, spinal column and fluid. Every bloke can be 94cm or less
  • Tell them it will be very difficult to make these changes and only strong men will get it done. Don’t let the team down.
Monitor & Support
  • Keep in touch with the subjects by email, SMS or getting together. You will all need support at home and elsewhere.
  • Ensure the household of subjects is onboard for this project, especially if they are in charge of getting, preparing and serving food in the home
  • Get together occasionally to remeasure during the four months and plot team progress (over a refreshing glass of water or zero alcohol beer or a protein shake meal)
  • Try and lose at least 4cm per subject in your group: 4 blokes = 16cm total loss; 7 blokes = 28cm loss; 30 blokes your target is 1.2 metres!
  • Bring all subjects together for the final measure
  • Use the same tape as the first measure
  • Use the same measuring technique
  • Don’t tell each bloke what he lost (yet) calculate the group total and see if you met your total goal
  • Celebrate your success in moderation.