Premature Congratulations

Unlike the Captain of the Italian cruise ship that recently ran aground I do not suffer from premature evacuation.

I do however, display repeated symptoms of premature congratulation (PC) – a condition I have observed in many men.  While not technically a medical condition PC does impact on the health of those afflicted. So what exactly is PC?

Premature Congratulations

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This condition is very common at this time of year, around four to six weeks after the making of New Year Resolutions.  Whether the promise was to drink less, lose weight, stop smoking, spend more time with the family, reduce working hours, tidy the backyard or read more books is irrelevant.

The first week or so of the program is usually quite positive.  You are at your most motivated and changes come more easily when fired up and the early signs of improvement are good.  A few kilos less on the scales, knocking off earlier at work, and half a book dealt with. In fact, you are surprised how easy this is and wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.

The next couple of weeks are also good, you goal is in sight. It is clear that if you continue the smoking will be forgotten, the beer will last longer and again you are pretty chuffed about the progress you are making and the ease with which it is happening. You are so chuffed and finding it so easy that you start to imagine you have achieved the goal already!  I mean, it is going well and obviously working so it wouldn’t matter if you eased up a little on the discipline…

Bang! There it is – Premature Congratulations: the foreseen achievement of a goal when it is in sight but not yet actually completed leading to a lapse of concentration and relapse of your previous habits. Have you ever seen an athlete begin to celebrate before passing the finish line as he or she enjoys the moment of achievement and basking in the adulation of the crowd (or themselves), only to be passed at the penultimate moment by a competitor who has not waivered and fallen victim to PC.

This happens a lot.  I am an expert in this PC phenomenon because I have indulged it many times.  And consequently disappointed myself. So how to combat this common problem?

  1. Set a goal beyond what you want to achieve so if you get PC you still make the grade.  This strategy requires the unique ability to believe your own lies.
  2. Stay the course. When PC kicks in, focus on what remains to be done, not what you have already accomplished. This may have to be repeated several times as you near your goal.
  3. Seek help. Recruit either a like minded and perhaps a little bit competitive colleague who will provide an external drive to your internal project.
  4. Give up. Recognise that your expectations exceed your ability and remain as you were: a disappointment to yourself.

Now, how close am I to my pre-holiday preferred weight……. Damn, no where near it.  I will let you know when I make it, not when I get close.

Craig Allingham