The Energy Crisis – where did yours go?

Kinetic Energy – the energy of movement.  The kinetic energy of a body is the energy which it possesses due to its motion.

If you arrive at the end of your day without the energy in your body to do anything but collapse you must have used all your kinetic energy.  But no, according to the laws of physics you can’t exhaust energy; you can only convert it into another form of energy.  For example in to thermal (heat) or potential (height) energy.

So if you haven’t ‘lost’ your energy, where did it go?  Into what did you convert it?  After an extensive research project funded by Wolf Blas and Jacobs Creek I have solved the mystery.

Your kinetic energy is converted to, well I can’t tell you now because then you wouldn’t book me for a fabulous keynote address on The Energy Crisis – where did yours go? during which this new energy source will be revealed.

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