Value In Practice – new workshop for health professionals

Your business is based on value. The giving of value to clients, referrers and other stakeholders, and the receiving of fair value in return.

Value In Practice is a three hour workshop looking at three aspects of Value In Practice, they are:

Valuing your service and putting an appropriate price on it.  What do you charge and why? How do you calculate your fair value and are you prepared to ask for it? You will use your data to determine what you should be charging in return for the value you provide.

Valuing your business. I am often asked to help value a physiotherapy business with a view to selling all or part of it. It is much easier for me, as I have no emotional attachment to the staff, patients, referrers or the business itself. Without the ‘baggage’ it becomes a simple mathematical exercise. We will look at a few options.

Adding value to stakeholders is vital to grow your business. Not just for clients but also for employees, referrers your community and profession. We will workshop value adding strategies to give you practical, low cost, take-home ideas to implement in your practice. Including the secret of what every new client must understand in order to guide their decision to continue with you or not.

This workshop is scheduled in Australia and overseas – Cities, dates, fees and registration links are listed below. Click through if you want to attend.

You will receive not only the three hour session, but also a course workbook, spreadsheets for ongoing business analysis and maybe a coffee.

Melbourne, May 1, 2014.  $330 course fee, starts in Greensborough at 6,30pm, finished by 9.30pm.  Click for more

Sydney, May 13, 2014. $330 course fee, starts in Camperdown at 7pm, finished by 10pm. Click for more

Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK, June 3, 2014. £50 course fee, starts at 6.30pm, finished by 9.30pm. Click for more

Dublin, Ireland, June 13, 2014. €130 course fee. Starts at 2pm, finished by 5pm (Friday). Click for more

Perth, June 21 2014. $330 course fee. Starts at 9am, finished by noon (Saturday). Click for more