I’m curious…

…why are you here?

What problem are you hoping to solve? Are you looking for information? Or a speaker for your event? Have you heard about my books and looking to buy online?

Are you here for your business or here for your health?

Mind you, they may be closely allied as business building can take a toll on your physical and mental reserves.

Are you interested in high performance outcomes for you or for your business? Or both? Maybe for your team members, colleagues, clients or stakeholders? I love high performance outcomes; working on Olympic teams and with champion athletes and coaches has shown me how focus, team selection, strategy, measured goals and disciplined effort can result in excellent outcomes. Seriously, who would want a ‘low performance outcome’?

Working with rowing team at the Barcelona Olympics. Our most successful Olympic regatta up to that time.

The links at the top of each page will help you find what you are looking for, or assist you navigating what is available on this site and my companion sites for business and for men’s health.

Perhaps you simply want to find out how to contact me and explore areas where I can add value to your life or your business enterprise. I would welcome a chance to chat, and all I ask is that you are really clear on the ‘why’ of what you are trying to achieve. Because I will ask you, probably more than once.

You can hit back by asking why do I do this? Easy,  because I get great enjoyment from the process and the outcomes of helping people navigate their way toward their goals and realise their potential. Which is exactly what I did for the 40 years I worked as a clinical and teaching sports physiotherapist. Plus, I now have time and energy to work with you. And I make a living.