Book More Clients

‘… the clearest, simplest and easiest-to-use book ever written on how to turn even a simple phone call enquiry into profit.‘ 

 Allan Pease, international corporate speaker and best selling author of ‘Body Language’ and ‘The Question is the Answer’.

This book will help frontline, customer facing staff master powerful people skills. Learn how to combine excellence in customer management with quality service or product delivery.  The resultant wins for the customer and the business will cement an ongoing relationship.

Book More Clients gives practical examples of

  • telephone strategies to improve business outcomes
  • negotiating appointment times that maximise business efficiency
  • how to pack an appointment book to maximise productivity
  • how to ask for payment and get it every time
  • how to sell multiple services to a client instead of just one
  • follow up hints for clients to build recurring business

Ideal for any business that makes appointments with clients!

  • Medical centres
  • Health Professionals
  • Financial advisors
  • Hair & beauty salons
  • Massage Centres
  • Brokers and realtors
  • Fitness professionals
  • Therapists

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Book More Clients
Craig Allingham
ISBN 9780980399936
Redsok Publishing
106 pages