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‘All the money in the world is worth nothing if you haven’t got your health.’

So goes the common saying often trotted out by healthy poor people and sick rich ones.  There is nothing like a serious health scare to prompt a reframing of life’s priorities.  Suddenly work becomes less important as you focus on relationships and regaining your health. Huge changes are made that last until they stop.  Often until health improves and the lessons are forgotten amongst the pressures of life and old habits are resumed.

Your health is fundamental to how you see yourself, how you participate in your world, your productivity and ultimately your demise.  If you run a business, your health will determine your effectiveness and outcomes.  If you are part of a family your role will be influenced by your health or illness status. If you love to be active your health will impact on your performance, and if you love to be lazy your health will be, well it might just not be.

There are many things that impact on health, some of which you cannot influence (genetics, run away buses, bad luck) and lots that you can. For example, handwashing, adequate sleep, daily activity, gum care, and many more.  In fact, you can even influence how your genetic makeup is activated in terms of health versus illness. Ultimately, your health status is determined by you and how you manage your body.

How you choose to treat your body is your business. You get to choose what you consume, what you do, what you think, how much you work and even how happy you are. It is your body. Your business.

The trade off, however, is being to prepared to accept the consequences of your choices.

These consequences will include health, success, longevity, quality of life, ease of movement, pain, fun, productivity, finances and quite possible what you die from.

If you or your organisation would like to hear from a professionally qualified speaker with a career history of maintaining high performance athletes as well as a keen interest in those of us who just want to get through our day with enough energy left over to enjoy our recreations and maintain our immune system defences, please contact me. I can tailor a presentation or workshop to match your group and deliver a quality development experience that will help your team and make you look good.

Keynote Topics Include

Your Body:

  • Performance Health – the everyday guide
  • The Seven Dwarfs Guide to Men’s Health
  • Age Proofing: fighting off gravity
  • 5 Exercises to Change Your Life
  • The Energy Crisis: Where did yours go?

Your Business:

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Business – and how to avoid them
  • Building a Red Hot Business
  • Client Management: delivering your best results at the best price


Yes I still do Clinical Education for physiotherapists in Australia and overseas. This is handled by our teaching company Redsok International.

      Click through for more information on clinical and business education for health practitioners.

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