The Real Secret….

Ever noticed when a sports person gives a conference talk they focus on motivation, goal setting, persistence and so on.  Which is OK, but they usually miss the most fundamental component of their success (or failure). The one factor on top of which all the rest is delicately balanced.  Maybe they don’t mention it because it is so obvious, but I suspect it is because they take it for granted – just like the rest of us. What is it? Here is the secret – the secret to success in business, life, sport, fun and enjoyment: stay healthy.  Don’t get sick; don’t get hurt; don’t get sad.

Obvious, but not easy.  There is a powerful world out there full of germs, bugs, stress, flu, pressure, expectations, duties and expenses just waiting to bring you down. 

If you would like a speaker bring the message of how your body drives your business and simple strategies to defend yourself against lost productivity – contact Craig Allingham. Trained in Sports Physio, Sports Science and Men’s Health, I can deliver a tailored message for your industry, group or workplace.