Taking Care of Business – YOU

No, I am not talking about the Bachman Turner Overdrive hit song of the 80s.
I am more interested in how all of us can take better care of our businesses
through taking better care of ourselves.

After a long career in healthcare ranging from the everyday to the elite sports level my enthusiasm is now focused on how health behaviours impact on performance, achievements and enjoyment in the workplace and other aspects of life.  My curiosity has me undertaking an Executive MBA to better understand the business end of this equation.

Are you interested in

  • thinking clearly
  • tolerating stress
  • coping with extended work hours
  • traveling overseas safely and in good health
  • maintaining productivity
  • bouncing back from misadventure
  • extending your career (live longer)
  • experiencing joy and fun from your work?

All are all dependent on robust health which is manageable by you. Not to mention having the energy, money and years after retirement (0r winding down) to enjoy your toys, travel, wine, family, garden, whatever for many years.

My presentation style is entertaining, non-judging and based on expertise and experience. I don’t bring piles of CDs or books and haven’t got an ongoing training program to flog. Instead I bring quality information spliced with entertaining stories and raise awareness of alternative health behaviours and proven strategies to ease the transition.

I am an expert who speaks to businesses, their people or other groups on how practical, sustainable health behaviours and decisions can pay productivity and continuity dividends.  If you like, I can even talk business jargon such as the four frames, return on investment, employee engagement, expectancy theory and stuff like that.

My experience in High Performance health (working with elite athletes and teams), my training in physiotherapy, sports science and men’s health and years of dealing with clients and working with them to improve their individual outcomes gives me a unique perspective to help teams and organisations educate and mentor their people to improve personal and business outcomes.

If you are involved in staff training and development, or in occupational health and safety and you would like to break up your next training day or conference with a light but serious look at health and how it can be improved, let me know and I will be happy to work something out for you. Want to know how add value and make you look good? Click Here

Meanwhile, sit up tall, take a few deep breaths, relax your shoulder tension, and remember to load up on the vegetables at dinner tonight.



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