Shoulder Rehab: Activity, Exercise or Training?

At the Queensland Physiotherapy Symposium  on Saturday May 15, I presented  a short talk on the difference between slow twitch muscle fibre rehab and fast twitch muscle fibre rehab in regards to the shoulder.   Sounds boring, but several people told me they really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  The core message was for us not to be satisfied with basic rehab which trains our clients to be very good at slow twitch activities (posture, low load movement, balance, control) but instead seek to to train them to a higher level of function in preparation for the unexpected loads that are associated with injury.  Yes, shoulder injury occurs at speed and with unexpected loading so training the fast twitch systems in the shoulder muscles and movements will help build in a greater level of performance and protection. 

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I was at the APA Symposium and know the password – show me the slides

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